Hey! We're MadCraft, the

Pop Punk

band from Helsinki, Finland.

We like to play shows. a lot! So, here are the

Live Dates

28.6.2015Brahen kentt Helsinki FINHelsinki Wolverines gameS
9.8.2015Down By The Simojoki Simo FINw/ No Swaps, Glass WipeEvent on FacebookS
15.8.2015Hartwall Areena Helsinki FINTubecon 2015Event on FacebookBuy TicketsS
23.8.2015Skhid-Rock Trostyanets UAEvent on Facebook18+
29.8.2015Sun Dance Day Hyvink FINw/ Aurora, RaappanaS

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Past Shows

22.5.2015Cybershop Kamppi Helsinki FINAcoustic
16.5.2015Tavastia Helsinki FINw/ Colory
29.4.2015Hyria Hyvink FINAcoustic
18.4.2015Kamppi Helsinki FINAcoustic
17.4.2015Bar Loose Helsinki FINw/ Lame Duck, Suovala
4.4.2015Gloria Helsinki FINTFN After Party
4.4.2015Gloria Helsinki FINTube Family Night  Acoustic
7.2.2015The Lane Vantaa FINw/ Jaakko & Jay, Lifeline Lost
24.1.2015  Private event
8.12.2014Kanneltalo Helsinki FINAcoustic
4.12.2014Semifinal Helsinki FINw/ Blind Channel, Mekanism
5.11.2014The Circus Helsinki FINPolin Appron jatkot
25.10.2014Kulttuuriareena 44 Kuopio FINTube Family Night
18.10.2014Bysis Oulu FINAcoustic
17.10.2014Down by the Simojoki Simo FINw/ Glass Wipe, No Swaps
4.10.2014Aloft London Excel London UKAITP London Online Tour
5.9.2014Narinkkatori Helsinki FIN#XboxOneKonsertti
31.8.2014Kyltapahtuma Palohein, Helsinki FINAcoustic
30.8.2014Gloria Helsinki FINAcoustic  Gloria 15-v
29.8.2014Kamppi Helsinki FINAcoustic
23.8.2014Nuclear Nightclub Oulu FINw/ Facelift
19.8.2014Sign of love Hyvink FINAcoustic
18.8.2014Bar Bkkri Helsinki FINAcoustic w/ King The Kid
16.8.2014Hartwall Areena Helsinki FINTubecon
15.8.2014Ranta14 Lohja FINw/ Solonen & Kosola
19.7.2014Arvid BeachParty Orimattila FINw/ Mkki, Profane Omen
9.7.2014Bar Loose Helsinki FINw/ Fumble
28.6.2014Provinssirock Seinjoki FIN
8.6.2014Suurjuhla Kouvola FINAcoustic
7.6.2014Suurjuhla Kouvola FIN
6.6.2014Bar Bkkri Helsinki FINw/ Lame Duck
31.5.2014Katse Jyvskyl FIN
30.5.2014 Private Event
28.5.2014Kenpes Perni FINAcoustic
2.5.2014Virgin Oil Co. Helsinki FINw/ Hybrid Children, Wolfmen
30.4.2014 Private Event
11.4.2014Kamppi Helsinki FINAcoustic
4.4.2014Dog's Home Tampere FINw/ Founding Neverland, Mimica
2.4.2014 Private Event
29.3.2014 Private Event
22.3.2014House Of Rock Kouvola FIN
21.3.2014Zet-baari Salo FINAcoustic
4.3.2014Willa Hyvink FINAcoustic   Laskiaisrieha
14.2.2014Suisto Hmeenlinna FINAcoustic
1.2.2014Barona Areena Espoo FIN#UMK14 Final
25.1.2014Peacock-teatteri Helsinki FIN#UMK14 Semifinal
24.1.2014Kamppi Helsinki FINAcoustic
18.1.2014Peacock-teatteri Helsinki FIN#UMK14 Qualification
13.12.2013Nuorisokahvila Nuka Varkaus FINAcoustic
8.11.2013Bar Bkkri Helsinki FINw/ Drop The Pilot, Blind Channel
23.10.2013 Private Event
6.10.2013Bar Bkkri Helsinki FINAcoustic
2.10.2013AITP Hangout Show Google+ ONLINEAcoustic
28.9.2013AITP Festival Bergen NOR
21.9.2013Hard Rock House Helsinki FINAcoustic
1.9.2013Paloheinpiv Helsinki FINAcoustic
31.8.2013Elojuhlat Hyvink FINAcoustic
23.8.2013Wanuvarock Varkaus FIN
2.8.2013Virgin Oil Co. Helsinki FINw/ Bam Margera, One Morning Left
27.7.2013Private Event
26.7.2013Backyardrock Loviisa FINw/ Mushaboon, NooN
5.7.2013Club Liberte Helsinki FINw/ Drop The Pilot, Facelift
14.6.2013@ Bar Bäkkäri/Green Room, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Split Second Eyes Wide
14.6.2013@ Jumbo, Vantaa (FIN)Acoustic
10.5.2013@ Viva Maria, Vantaa (FIN)Acoustic
8.5.2013@ Groom Rocks, Bar Bäkkäri, Helsinki (FIN)w/ The Blanko
25.4.2013@ Bar Loose, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Drumsö
27.3.2013@ NoName, Ikaalinen (FIN)Acoustic
15.3.2013@ On The Rocks, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Dead City Hooligans, Expected Boy
23.2.2013@ Bar Bäkkäri/Green Room, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Hellcity Punks, Scene D'Chryme
22.2.2013@ Nosturi, Helsinki (FIN)w/ One Morning Left, Beyond All Recognition
20.1.2013@ Bar Base, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Riot Vein
22.12.2012@ Ellivuori, Sastamala (FIN)w/ Apostoles of Bitterness
16.12.2012@ Artists In The Plus Music Festival, Google+Acoustic
6.12.2012@ FishFabrique Nouvelle, St. Petersburg (RUS)w/ Underground Attack, Striplette
1.12.2012@ Flairz, Hastings (UK)w/ The Vindickers, Come The Spring
30.11.2012@ Nambucca, London(UK)w/ The Vindickers
29.11.2012@ On The Rocks, Bournemouth (UK)w/ The Vindickers, Escape From 98
24.11.2012@ Hangout-gig, Google+Acoustic
10.11.2012@ Uniikki, Tampere (FIN)Acoustic
2.11.2012@ Dubrovnik, Helsinki (FIN)Acoustic w/ Second Chance, Fat Cat
27.10.2012@ Lepakkomies, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Rejected, Thunderbaum
12.10.2012@ Pakilan nuorisotalo, Helsinki (FIN)Acoustic
11.10.2012@ Kauppakeskus Forum, Helsinki (FIN)Acoustic w/ Barbe-Q-Babies, Face Of God
29.9.2012@ Gloria, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Pyhät Tepot, Rockama
28.9.2012@ On The Rocks, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Sister Sin
21.9.2012@ Rauhanasema, Helsinki (FIN)Acoustic w/ Dylan
20.9.2012@ Bar Loose, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Drumsö, Grandeville
15.9.2012@ Bar Bäkkäri/Green Room, Helsinki (FIN)w/ The Liar
1.9.2012@ Paloheinä -tapahtuma, Helsinki (FIN)Acoustic
28.8.2012@ Cafe Mascot, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Funk In Funk Stairs
25.8.2012@ Club Liberte, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Blue In The Face
24.8.2012@ Roihuvuroen Kyläjuhlat, Helsinki (FIN)Acoustic
10.8.2012@ Aukio12, Lohja (FIN)w/ Black Crows Break The Silence
30.7.2012@ Ruis-partioleiri, Kymenlaakso (FIN)Acoustic
21.7.2012@ Elmusrock 2012, Pyhäjärvi (FIN)w/ Freak Kitchen [Swe], LoveX, Nimetön
29.6.2012@ Nuclear Nightclub, Oulu (FIN)w/ Voodoo Masochist, Facelift
15.6.2012@ On The Rocks, Helsinkiw/ The Syke
9.6.2012@ Bar Ala, Juva (FIN)w/ Crash Course Highway
8.6.2012@ Bar Bäkkäri / Green Room, Helsinki (FIN)Kivenlahti Rock After Party
6.6.2012@ Pihlajamäen Nuorisopuisto, Helsinki (FIN)w/ TBA
30.5.2012@ Pakilapäivä, Helsinki (FIN)Acoustic
25.5.2012@ Sveitsin Uimala, Hyvinkää (FIN)
19.5.2012@ Yläkaupungin Yö, Jyväskylä (FIN)w/ Mia Suszko, BitterTwisted
10.5.2012@ Cybershop Kamppi, Helsinki (FIN)Acoustic
7.5.2012@ Espresso Edge, Helsinki (FIN)Acoustic w/ Face Of God
1.5.2012@ Bar Bäkkäri, Helsinki (FIN)Acoustic w/ Damian Cullen Band
30.4.2012@ Bar Bäkkäri / Green Room, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Damian Cullen Band, Fumble
27.4.2012@ Pakilan Nuorisotalo, Helsinki (FIN)Acoustic w/ Muddy Bones, Psilo
25.4.2012@ Arabian Nuorisotalo, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Rockama, Ruumis
21.4.2012@ Wirtaus 2012, Virrat (FIN)w/ JVG, Self Deception [Swe]
14.4.2012@ Lepakkomies, Helsinki (FIN)w/ God Given Ass, The Riot Soul, Damian Cullen
31.3.2012@ Uniikki, Tampere (FIN)Acoustic w/ Colory
29.3.2012@ On The Rocks, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Dead Sound Committee
9.3.2012@ Lucky Monkeys, Lappeenranta (FIN)w/ Floaded
2.3.2012@ On The Rocks, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Rockama
24.2.2012@ Malminkartanon nuorisotalo, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Breakneck, Game Leftover
25.2.2012@ Rokkikellari, Helsinki (FIN)w/ The Riot Soul, Scene D' Chryme
4.2.2012@ Private Party, Helsinki (FIN)Acoustic
3.2.2012@ Nuorisotalo Silta, Hyvinkää (FIN)Acoustic
27.1.2012@ Purjelaiva Kathrina, Helsinki (FIN)Acoustic
21.1.2012@ Bar Base, Helsinki (FIN)
7.1.2012@ Gloria, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Hey Heather, Ranter, Colory
29.12.2011@ Semifinal, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Prime Time Violence
17.12.2011@ Piparirock, Gloria, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Pyhät Tepot, Caroline, Katujen Äänet
16.12.2011@ Rentukka, Jyväskylä (FIN)w/ No More Clothes, Floaded
11.12.2011@ Bar Bäkkäri, Helsinki (FIN)Acoustic
3.12.2011@ Bar Bäkkäri, Helsinki (FIN)Acoustic
3.12.2011@ Toimintakeskus Luuppi, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Shiraz Lane, Dawn, Mäster
12.11.2011@ Toimintakeskus Harjula, Lohja (FIN)w/ Martta Hakala, Muddy Bones
30.10.2011@ Bar Bäkkäri, Helsinki (FIN)Acoustic
21.10.2011@ Bar Bäkkäri, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Holik
13.10.2011@ Club Liberte, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Lame Duck, Rockama
28.9.2011@ Arabian Nuorisotalo, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Santa Cruz, Dawn
15.9.2011@ Gloria, Anna Mulle Aikaa -konsertti, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Pyhät Tepot, Caroline, Novella
14.9.2011@ Alakerta, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Lame Duck, No More Clothes
10.9.2011@ Lucky Monkeys, Lappeenranta (FIN)w/ Fudge Flounders, Strange Bedfellows
7.9.2011@ Semifinal, LoudEvents Club Helsinki (FIN)w/ The Liar
2.9.2011@ Nuorisokahvila Uniikki, Tampere (FIN)w/ Floaded
24.8.2011@ Club Liberte, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Fudge Flounders, Desert Lord
20.8.2011@ Private Party, Helsinki (FIN)
13.8.2011@ Auki0, Lohja (FIN)w/ Mario3
12.8.2011@ PRKL Pimp My Fest, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Anal Thunder, Multiclimex, etc.
10.8.2011@ Pihlajamäen Nuorisopuisto, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Santa Cruz, Caroline, Dawn
5.8.2011@ Groom Rock, Helsinki (FIN)Acoustic
30.7.2011@ Bar Bäkkäri, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Artificial Heart, Bat Attack
29.7.2011@ Kodu Baar, Tallinn (EST)w/ Lame Duck, Hidden Lane
20.7.2011@ Torvi, Lahti (FIN)w/ Fudge Flounders
6.7.2011@ Vans Night, Bar Bäkkäri, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Hero Dishonest
6.7.2011@ Pihlajamäen Nuorisopuisto, Helsinki (FIN)w/ 7 other bands
2.7.2011@ Ränkirock, Alajärvi (FIN)w/ 9 other bands
30.6.2011@ On The Rocks, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Hybrid Children
23.6.2011@ Vastavirta, Tampere (FIN)w/ Nautilus, Kina, Cockroach Killers
22.6.2011@ Lepakkomies, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Damage Limit, Brown Harrison
8.6.2011@ Puskarock, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Block Buster, Exitium, B.A.D.
1.6.2011@ GROOM Rocks! Bar Bäkkäri, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Strong Addiction, 24Sanctions
28.5.2011@ Rock Bar Zoom, Hyvinkää (FIN)w/ Floaded
27.5.2011@ Konttiaukio, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Blossom Hill, Lame Duck
27.5.2011@ Sun Dance Day, Hyvinkää (FIN)w/ Paleface, Pyhät Tepot
10.5.2011@ Klubi, Turku (FIN)w/ Missed The Point, Modern Day Citizen
6.5.2011@ Voimala Rock, Riihimäki (FIN)w/ Dictionary Bob, Guild Of Passion
30.4.2011@ Hämiksen Wappu, Helsinki (FIN)w/ The Under the Influences, Keytoes
29.4.2011@ Pelmu Wappu Festival 2011, Espoo (FIN)w/ Notkea Rotta, Knucklebone Oscar
20.4.2011@ Laidunkauden avajaiset, Helsinki (FIN)
16.4.2011@ Kohti Kesää, Hamina (FIN)
9.4.2011@ Kannelmäen Nuorisotalo, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Pasa, Bullethead
8.4.2011@ Private Party, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Nothing More To Eat, GAF
8.4.2011@ Pakilan Nuorisotalo, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Rockama, Suhteettomuusteoria
7.4.2011@ Lepakkomies, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Fudge Flounders, Tragic Gunns
4.3.2011@ Oulunkylän nuorisotalo, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Santa Cruz, Artificial Heart
3.3.2011@ Henry's Pub, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Miss Monster Truck
18.2.2011@ Nuorisotila Happi, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Dawn
5.2.2011@ Nuorisotalo Silta, Hyvinkää (FIN)
27.1.2011@ Lepakkomies, Helsinki (FIN)w/ One Hidden Frame, Blossom Hill
20.1.2011@ Club Liberte, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Circus At Dawn, Resovolt
1.1.2011@ Darkside Club, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Damage Limit, Whatever She Wants
20.11.2010@ Black Sheep, Stockholm (SWE)w/ others
10.11.2010@ Arabian nuorisotalo, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Santa Cruz, Hey Heather, others
9.11.2010@ Club Liberte, Helsinki (FIN)w/ The Knob, Circus at Dawn
2.11.2010@ Helsinki Club, Helsinki (FIN)w/ 42 Degrees
16.9.2010@ Smökki, Espoo (FIN)w/ 42 Degrees
17.6.2010@ Lepakkomies, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Micko Hell & The MF's, The Booby Prize
29.4.2010@ Pelmu Wappu Festival, Espoo (FIN)w/ others
6.3.2010@ Oranssi, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Disquiet Animus, Cause Of Death
15.1.2010@ Lepakkomies, Helsinki (FIN)w/ Yes Please!, Napoleon Says

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